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Level 7

Monitoring Multiple Locations

We are new to Orion and need help with monitoring locations.

We are wanting to use Orion to monitor/maintain our customers.  However, we are being told that we have to set up a VPN connection to each location that we want to monitor.  This would really affect our VPN because we will have to use one of our VPN tunnels to monitor/maintain every location.

Is there a way to monitor/maintain a location without having to set up a VPN tunnel?

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Level 7

I suspect you have been informed to go over a vpn because snmp is a clear text protocol (1 & 2 at least).   It is of course possible to do this without a vpn.  It all depends on how much security you want.  e.g. you could have your firewall except all incoming traffic on udp 161 which would allow allow orion to query the box.  to lock it down more you could set the firewall to only except traffic from your monitoring machine .  furthermore you could ony use snmp v3 as this provides authentication and privacy.  however the most secure method would be to use VPN


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