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Monitoring Cluster Shared Volumes in SAM


Has anyone come up with a good way of monitoring cluster shared volumes within SAM for SQL server clusters?

We are currently building a 10 node windows cluster for SQL always on consisting of one 4 node SQL cluster and three 2 node SQL clusters all using CSV.  We would like to monitor the free space on these CSVs and associate the appriopriate ones with each SQL server being monitored within Solarwinds SAM, Appinsight and DPA.

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Level 13

What I've done in the past when I monitored a 2-node SQL failover cluster is this.

1. Create a Node in Orion using the cluster VIP. This is where I would monitor all of the shared resources (CPU, RAM, Disk and Application templates)

2. Create Nodes in Orion using each of the nodes in the cluster. I would monitor non-clustered resources, e.g. C: drive, non-clustered services, etc

In my scenario I ended up with 3 nodes: node1, node2, nodeVIP.