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Monitor stuck in initial poll

I created a Windows Event Log Monitor to parse for text.  From what I can see, the monitor works and triggers an email when it finds the stated condition.  However, the details on the Application Status on the assigned node still shows "Initial poll in progress".  If I edit the application monitor and test the component monitor on the same node, the result is successful (green checkmark).  Any ideas as to why the overall application status remains "unknown" and stuck in initial poll?   Running Production Orion Core 2012.2.0, NPM 10.4, SAM 5.0.1, etc.

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Outback9999 - Did you ever come up with a solution to this issue.  I'm experiencing the same problem with one of my polling engines.  I have basically done all of the same trouble shooting steps you and others mentioned in this thread and I have yet to fix the issue.  My Application monitors have been stuck in :Initial poll in progress" for better that 72 hours now.


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Are any applications monitored by that polling engine able to poll/collect data or is just this one application not working? Do any newly added assigned applications on that poller work?

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aLTeRGo,- All application monitors by the specific polling engine were not working, yet they work fine with my other polling engines.  Newly added assigned applications on that poller also did not work.  You may have noticed that I used past tense, were & did.  This is because the issue has been corrected.  Corrective action was to 1. Uninstall the Solarwinds Job Engine v1, Solarwinds Job Engine v2 and the Solarwinds Collector 2. Reboot the server (probably not necessary, but I did it anyway) 3. Re-install the Solarwinds Job Engine v1, Job Engine v2 & the Collector from the C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Installers folder.  NOTE:  My poller is a Server 2012R2 box and the Job Engine v1 re-install kept failing.  So, I ran it in compatibility mode and the install  successfully completed.  The polling engine is now functional


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Had this issue pop up today, instead of bringing the environment down for the corrective action of reinstalling Job Engine v1 and v2 and Collector as described above, I instead moved the node to another poller. The initial poll problem then cleared up for that particular node. Not really a fix but a work around.

I just had the same issue and moving the node between pollers worked for me as well. Though this is at least the 3rd time this year my pollers have had the same issue. Typically it's just NPM that falls behind with polling times in the past. I've gone through the process of reinstalling the job engines and data collector each time from the recommendation of support and it fixes the issue at the time.

I would just like to find the cause of this as it seems silly to have to be doing this about every 45 days, not to mention I have to bring down everything overnight and perform the installs .

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I'm curious for changes like this, is this something that will be updated in a future release? A number of problems I've run into as of late have been resolved by changing a config file variable. Will this config be over written when I run the Configuration Wizard? What if I reinstall a module or update a module?

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Modifications made to text based configuration files will be overwritten by upgrades. We are in the process of migrating settings such as these to the database so they persist through the upgrade process.

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Hi Janene,

Can that change be done on the primary poller as well? The issue I'm having is with the primary poller, the two additionals are working OK.

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No, the information I sent to glsmith67 is to be done only on additional pollers. If your issue is with the Main Poller, do this instead:

Add Node Application Struck with Error during Polling : Initial Poll in Progress - SolarWinds Worldw...


Just confirming - no need to re-run the Config Wizard after reinstalling those three installers?

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No Need, prawij

That was going to be my suggestion. . I'm glad to hear you got the issue resolved. Also, thank you for sharing the precise steps you followed to rectify the problem. 

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Does the "Next Poll Time" shown in component detail page increase by polling? Does the "Poll now" on application detail page change anything? What is the effect of unmanaging and remanaging of application?

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I think you are on to something.  I only care to check for events every 6 hours so the polling frequency is set to 21,600 seconds. the next poll time is not calculating properly (screen shot below). Unmanaging and re-managing has no affect on the status details.  Poll Now brings up the pop-up showing the polling progress and then gives the error:

App Detail:Capture1.PNG

One more note, I removed the monitor from the node, reduced the polling time down to 360 seconds, then reassigned.  While the 'next poll time' now caluclates correctly, the time has come and gone and its still stuck in Initial Poll progress (below).  Just to reiterate, the test poll works as designed when I initially assign the monitor to the node.  It seems like the Application Status is not working properly.


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Can you successfully "Poll now" some other application? Try to restart of all orion services to see if it helps.

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I moved the node to our main poller, restarted the server, and got the same result.  I then tried to "poll now" another application that is reporting "up" but encoutnered the same "Poll Now Application Error" message.  Just to note, I can successfully poll-now the node, just not an application monitor.  What else can I try?

For clarity, I just tried polling our Exchange Counters & IIS Application monitors and still get the same error.  So the issue is with the Application poller?

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It seems that for some reason SAM is unable to create&start regular polling job for application. I recommend to open support case providing diagnostics collected from main poller and referencing this thwack thread.

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