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Monitor Windows VSS

Hi Guys

I have been asked by the business whether they can be told on a dashboard and an alert to tell them when a VSS backup (System State) has/when completed on a local server node.

I would expect it will be the Windows Server Backup using VSS so I'm guessing the creation of an Application Template using Windows Event Log Monitor would do.

The 2 alerts would be to state when the backup has completed (not sure if this would be when the service stops or how that condition is triggered)

And what would be good is an alert that would tell us when the VSS Service is shutting down due to a Shutdown Event (Event ID 8225)

In advance thank you for your support.

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bootneck1111​, likely this would be best achieved through the event log or a PowerShell script component monitors. You will have to look at your systems to determine what the applicable values are that you want to trigger on and leverage those accordingly.