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Monitor HA boxes with agent?

I have two windows boxes running in HA with the same application running on it. Can I add the HA DNS/VIP and monitor both nodes (and subsequently both applications) from it? The reason I want to do this is because I want to monitor in the case of a fail-over as well as that some services run only when active.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Yes, you can. In fact a lot of people do exactly that.

When you are adding the VIP as a node be sure to de-select the non-shared resources.

In other words, when List Resources runs don't monitor the C drive as that is actually the C drive of the current active node.

Usually you will want to monitor each of the individual boxes as nodes to catch those non-shared resources and

just use the VIP node for the shared resources and you can also apply the MS Cluster application template to it if you like.

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When adding the node, do I have to use server initiated communication to connect? Whenever I install the agents on the servers themselves they show up as their hostname obviously.

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Sorry Ajay, I just re-read your original post and realized you are asking if you can use the agent for the VIP node.

I would not do that. It is fine to use the agent on the actual physical nodes but for the VIP I would use WMI.

Keeping in mind that the reason for the VIP node is to follow the stuff that can move and an agent has to be installed somewhere.

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