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Level 7

Machine type unknown

I am adding servers to SolarWinds SAM, but machine type is unknown.

I have completed the following prerequisites:

1. SNMP Installation

2. SNMP Community String Configuration

3. Port 161 is open

4. No firewall blocking

Please suggest the possible solution.

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Level 8

Depends on what device are you using. Most major vendors are already picked up via OID.

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can anyone tell me where to find system manager?

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The "System Manager" in SolarWinds Orion hasn't been around since early v10 if memory services. All management is now done via the web console.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Out of curiosity, what kind of device is this you're monitoring in SAM?

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Level 17

Usually this indicates the software doesn't understand how to translate the system object OID into a vendor/machine type combination.  The only real option you have is to post to the Tell us your "Unknown" devices! thread and give them the system object OID, make, model, etc and SolarWinds should be able to work with you on it.  It may be a release before they can have it updated in the software though.

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