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MSMQ Folder Size

Every day, one of out of 6 pollers, I get an alert that the MSMQ folder size is over the limit.  It will stay over limit for hours, and then clear up on it's own.  I've read several posts where the fix was to restart the services or delete the logs.  Can anyone provide some information on what causes this and why only one of my pollers is impacted.


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I had this issue. My resolution was to find the device that was spamming snmp traps to my poker and stop it from sending the traps.

In reference to above, to see which Devices are sending the most Traps (and how many are in the database), please us the following SQL query to see how many messages and the IP Address of the device sending the messages.

select COUNT(*), IPAddress from Traps group by IPAddress

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I have all kinds of issues with MSMQ...

Everything I've been able to gather is that the MSMQ is the buffer used to hold data to be logged to the DB.  IF there was an issue with the DB and it was not accepting the data from the poller/MSMQ fast enough or at all (blocking) that the data gets backlogged in the MSMQ and the server has to "catch up" on pushing the data to the DB.

What seems most odd in your situation is that only one of your pollers is having this issue.  Is that poller located in a different datacenter / network from the SQL Server?

Stopping MSMQ service, deleting the MQ files from c:\Windows\System32\msmq\storage\ and restarting the MSMQ service will clean it up, but there will be data loss (polling data).

Does the time frame where you see your MSMQ folder size build happen at the same time each day?  Is something else happening on that box at the same time or some other process hitting the DB?

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