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Logging into SAM and receiving the 'Unexpected Website Error

Hi Guys

After deleted some unmanaged nodes and logging out of SAM, went to log back in and receive the below;


We have 1 DB SW server with 2 Pollers, and a Front End Web Server. The above message is received when web browsing out via the Frontend Web Server, I can login by changing the IP address to one of the Pollers in the URL.

I have logged onto the Front End, restarted all SW services, ensured that SW services are running on all servers, reset IIS and Application Pools on the Front End, then bounced the Frond End, but still receive the above when logging into SAM!

Is this going to be a case of running a Repair on Config Wizard, or something like that?

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My first step would be to run the config wizard and see if that helps.  However, the error is generic, so it could be a number of things.  You will mostly likely want to contact support.

When I had this happen to me I had to re-run the config wizard and then I was good to go.

Yep, 100%. A: run config wizard. B: remove the website, wipe it and run config wizard (to start it fresh). These are going to be your base options.

This happened to me today after I removed the Virtualization menu bar... and now the entire website is completely broke

I already re-ran config wizard with no luck.  How do you "remove the website"?  Just delete the directory in inetpub?  Sorry, I'm not an IIS guy....

ryan.davis26​ there is a howto in the success center, just follow this one It is basically just delete the directory, essentially.

Rebuild the Orion Website - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


1: run config wizard afterwards as an admin - you only have to run it for website (not db or whatever)

2: do not skip website optimization at the end - let it complete 100%.

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thank you! designerfx​  Going to try this now