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Linux Agents and "SolarWinds Orion agent for Linux provides a wide variety of templates"

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Just upgraded to SAM 6.3 and installed the first Linux Agent.  Slick.

Now, what are the "wide variety of templates" that I can use to monitor Linux applications that are touted in the documentation?

I'm not a Linux person, so I'm trying to figure out what I can monitor to lure the Linux team on board with the new agent.

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Here's a partial list.

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Product Manager

Here's a partial list.

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So to perhaps clarify on jdumkes question, in the announcement of Linux Orion agents this section is shown, are there actual specific "agent aware" templates that use the Linux Orion agent? Or is this section referring to the linux templates that has been released over the past years?

SolarWinds Orion 2016.2 feature: Orion Agent for Linux - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


Application monitoring

The SolarWinds Orion agent for Linux provides a wide variety of templates that you can use to monitor Linux applications. Each template includes one or more of the following component monitors that extract information from Linux.

  • Process monitor (process disk I/O statistics and virtual memory)
  • TCP port monitor
  • Linux / Unix script monitor
  • Nagios script monitor
  • SNMP monitor
  • JMX monitor
  • ODBC user experience monitor
  • Oracle user experience monitor"

That's exactly what I meant with my original question!  Thanks for clarifying that much better than I had.

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I am hoping for clarification on this.

I believe part of the question is what templates require the Agent? Does the Tomcat template require the agent?

I need to deploy the Tomcat template and I am confused by statements in the documentation -


"Tomcat Server monitor"

  • Prerequisites for Orion Agent for Linux/Unix
    • If using the Orion Agent for Linux/Unix to monitor your Tomcat server, you need to complete installation and configuration of Tomcat to properly work with the component monitors working with the Tomcat Server template. 


Sooo, what does this mean? Why is the title pre-reqs for the agent? We are talking about deploying Tomcat.

Is the Agent required for Tomcat? My client may be against using the agent for Linux.

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There are zero SAM application templates which require the use of Agents.

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How below templates are different from current available templates to monitor JBOSS via SNMP?

  • Java Application Server (JMX)
  • Java Application Server (SNMP)
  • Java Virtual Machine (JMX)
  • JBoss (JMX)

Current templates to monitor JBoss using SNMP are not giving enough metrics for JBOSS app support team. I am more interested to learn how can we monitor JBOSS and JMX in more details capturing metrics like:

  • Number of DB connections
  • Details of WAR file installed
  • Servlet details
    • WebModule
    • Invocation Count
    • Exec. Time
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