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Linux Agent DNS discovery

On most of our Linux agents we use Shortname for the system name, and SW is discovering dns as the FQDN.  We have a handful of Linux agent nodes that are also showing shortname for DNS in SolarWinds, but an NSlookup is showing the correct full dns name.  Does anyone know where or how the SW agent is populating the DNS field, so we can troubleshoot the issue.

thank you

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If you look at the node details is the sysname showing the short name like you would expect?

If it is, you can try to Edit Node, delete the caption, submit the change and it should populate in the order from the above KB.

I didn't see an article that specifies where the agent is getting the name, but I imagine it would be the same as whatever comes from the hostname command.

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the caption shows the short name, but caption for us is irrelevant, because I have sql agent job that cleans it up.  It is the DNS field that is weird for a handful of nodes, Linux team just discovered the issue.  SW agent uses an nslookup from the local agent, when I did nslookup from the polling engine I got the FQDN, but from the local machine we were getting the short name, the local server had a hosts file with the short name first in the list.  Without the Agent the nslookup is performed from the polling engine, so local hosts file is not observed.