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Is this still valid to be used- for remotely monitoring Solarwinds services

Is the above thread still valid for using it to remotely monitoring Solarwinds services.... Plan is that we would like to know if for any reason SolarWinds OR DB is down and i guess currently there is no other way to know if this happens apart from having inbuilt template available but if the DB itself is down then in that case there wont be anyway to know.. and this scenario is more critical when there is no SAM in place...

If someone is doing any other way then please do share your thoughts...

@tony.johnson tagging since the above post was created by you...

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Add on to what i said in my previous post @pratikmehta003 

1. Ideally we have to monitor SolarWinds Orion from a different tool (maybe a manager of managers in case we have that - which is like monitor the monitoring system), but most customers wouldn't have this kind of an environment.

2. Second query - where would you install this piece ? , do you have an additional server or would they provision an additional windows box just to install this and monitor your SolarWinds Orion ? That's the challenge we have, its kinda difficult to get a nod from management in getting an additional server/box to deploy this.

0 Kudos Yes we do have other server where i can host this and get SMTP enabled so that emails can be sent to us..

I think this is a challenge with many tools....i will try using this and feedback....

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Hi @pratikmehta003 

1. If I am not wrong even to this day this should work, as SolarWinds Orion service names are still the same and it was basically created to check if services are up and running.

2. Yup you are rite in saying we could use the built in template but it doesn't help when its a reactive case as you have mentioned in your use case.

3. If DB is down completely, then definitely users wont be able to login into Orion console. And if there are any momentary DB issues then that's visible on your Polling Engine Page "Last Database Update" - when you see this issue try to login into your DB from Orion primary poller DB Manager and I am sure you would see the error or issue there. (just another manual way of doing things ;))