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Interface Statistics and Disk Statistics in Linux

I am working with SAM 6.1.1 and RHEL 6.x - I have all going well via net-snmp with the exception of two areas:

- NIC interface-statistics

- Disk statistics such as IOPs, Avg Queue Length, and Disk / sec transfer, etc.

Are these possible with SAM?  I see conflicting answers in the forums.  The same scenario exists for my ESX hosts.



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Product Manager
Product Manager

Interface statistics for SNMP managed nodes is only available with NPM. It is not currently something SAM is capable of providing natively out-of-the-box. Similarly, disk I/O statistics aren't made available via NET-SNMP for logical volumes, and only some distros provide any disk IO statistics at all. Those can be collected today using SAM's SNMP monitor or NPM's Universal Device Poller.

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