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Integration Zabbix To Solarwinds

I used Solarwinds and use more Zabbix server

Manager wants to integrate alerts and monitors from the zabbix server into Solarwinds

Is there a way to integrate Zabbix into Solarwinds?

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SNMP Traps integration is one of the oldest ways of integration, I am sure this would work.

1. Zabbix alerts should be sent as a SNMP Trap to SolarWinds Orion.

2. SolarWinds Orion can consume SNMP Traps from any source.

Hope it helps.

Are there any documents to prove or guide the integration above?
Please share the path or documentation help me
Many thanks.

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Unfortunately i do not have a document, you have to look into Zabbix admin guide as to what action needs to be added onto your alert to convert it into a SNMP Trap (Destination IP of send trap will be SolarWinds Orion Server IP/FQDN). On SolarWinds Orion you can anyways view all incoming SNMP Traps on Message Center console but configuration needs to be done on Zabbix end.

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I found the Zabbix documentation that guides SNMP Trap,
However, the SNMP Trap configuration applies to monitor devices
There is no Send SNMP Trap tutorial from Zabbix to Solarwinds.

Have you tried sending SNMP Trap from Zabbix to Solarwinds?

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No, you have to do some research on this yourself, but then in one of the Zabbix blogs he says sending syslog from Zabbix into other NMS is easy, you can try that option as well as, SolarWinds can consume Syslog messages.

1. SNMP Trap -> SolarWinds

2. Syslog -> SolarWinds

Use what's feasible and can be done. Hope it helps.

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