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Incorrect disk size - Linux mount points

Hello everyone,

I've monitoring a Linux server (CentOS) to trigger an alert if a partition is filled up but I'm havig issues to get the correct disk sizes (see the images attached)


As you can see according the previous screenshot the database0,database1,database2 are at 100% and reporting a máximum partition size of 3.5TB  but if you check directly on the server you see the following:


The correct size for database0,database1,database2 is 32TB, those mounted points are on a disk array enclosure connected directly to the server via a SAS cable, is there any way to get the correct sizes? is there any known limitation to monitor something like this?

P.S We are monitoring this via SNMP

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Incorrect disk size - Linux mount points

This is a known issue with using SNMP since it uses a 32 bit integer and truncates the excess characters when it sends them to Orion.  There are workarounds involving making changes to snmpd but given the number of other issues that exist with net-snmp I would suggest you try the recently released Orion agent for Linux and see if you get more accurate values.

Monitor with the Orion Agent for Linux

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- Marc Netterfield, Github
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