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How to "dynamically" update asset inventory of nodes (installed applications)

I have Windows servers and workstations monitored via WMI with SAM 6.7.0, I have an inventory of applications from the initial discovery that I can report on but I cannot find a way to refresh the report data as applications are added or removed. 

If I run a scheduled network discovery it does not updated the applications assets.  I noticed while doing individual rediscoveries when it gets to the asset inventory section it states that the node already exists and skips the asset inventory portion of the import. 

Support has had me reinstall the job collector, engine and information service which didn't help.  I've not gotten a clear answer if what I'm expecting is a supported feature (the fact the import intentionally skips it makes me think not)

I've tried dumping the contents of the SQL table dbo.AssetInventory_Software - no luck, still skips the import so it's flagged as existing somewhere else, no surprise.  Seems like at the very least I should be able to dump the data in the database, remove whatever is flagging it as existing in the asset tables, then run a discovery and import the new results.  

Anyone doing this?  

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Re: How to "dynamically" update asset inventory of nodes (installed applications)

In a normal situation the asset inventory job runs once a day, I take it you aren't getting updates even after days have passed? Reinstalling the collector service feels a little like your support rep was grasping for straws. It has its own schedule so running discoveries or forcing polls won't affect it.
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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