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How to create a report using actual URL

I am needing to create a report of the availability of URLs.

we have 3 business services. Each one has its own set of urls that they need to see. I have a couple URLs that run on multiple servers, but the URLs are for different services. so when I get the report it gives me some data that I need, and some that I don't need. our old monitoring tool allows us to input the specific URL..

Is there a way to select a specific URL in the conditions of the report  ??

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Level 16

you can group the URLs u need to report with a custom property first and then select only that while extracting it...

can you assign a custom property to a specific component aka URL ? in this case when I say "component" the URL would be a component of a web link application monitor ?

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I think u should still be able to select in the report only the one's that u need.. if not custom property then there will be an option called instance.

If u can show some screenshot i can help u further...

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