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Level 11

How much CPU is consumed by Local Security Authority Process(Isass.exe) in your environment ?

In my environment Isass.exe is consuming 20-30% CPU

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This chart is pretty average for our DCs. We have seen high LSASS cpu usage in the past (15 years), and it can be hard to fix. We have had bad MS updates, file integrity issues, there was a 3rd party password sync service that raised LSASS artifically, and lastly, we had a few applications go nuts and pound on a specific server. If you aren't seeing a root issue for high CPU, it may be worth calling Microsoft. We did for a few of the issues above.

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Level 7

Mine is hitting between 70-80% and cannot for the life of me find any documentation about how to fix it. 

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Mine is 20-30%, I don't know the root cause

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