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How can you get alerted every time a new user is added to the domain?

Is it possible, using Solarwinds, to be alerted every time a new user is added to the domain?

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Adding to the info provided by hpstech. When you are using SAM and its AppInsight for Active Directory by default it checks for newly created users. Maybe there is a similar event for adding users to a domain; if so you could add this component to the template / or create a new one.


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LEM does this, I fired up that rule pretty much out of the box.

I believe ApplNsight handles this and I just assigned a template which will report on new users being created plus more information than I want to know about for a DC:)

I would want to email the event as well.

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Thank you both for the input. This has definitely pointed me in the right direction to provide what the customer asked for. It also introduced me to Spiceworks. What a resource that is...

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