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How can I configure threshold for % Free Heap or % used Heap

Hi All

I am using SAM's JMX Monitor for my tomcat application which is quite useful in getting all sorts of metrics from the target JVM. I can get the following messages using the JMX MBeans

Heap Memory Inital Size

Heap Memory Max Size

Heap Memory Used Size

Is there any way I can configure thresholds to trigger Warning/Critical Alerts when the Heap Memory Used % is more than 85% ?

I only see the heap utilization in absolute terms and not as %. Does Solarwinds have that option ?


Senthil Nathan M

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Provided you know the total amount memory you can use the 'Convert Value' function to calculate the percentage using the following formula. Simply replace <TotalMem> with the actual total memory value.  This would of course be applied to the 'Heap Memory Used Size' component.

(${Statistic} / <TotalMem>)*100

Below is an example

Convert Value as Percent.png

Thanks for the update aLTeReGo.

Is there an option to link an existing monitoring component (like Heap Max Size) instead of hard coding the value ?

Since I will apply the template to hundreds of tomcat servers, I am trying to keep it as generic as possible.


Senthil Nathan M

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Not at this time, though this would be a good feature request.

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