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Help with creating SolarWinds report.

Hi All

I have a group or a folder called Data. Inside Data I have a number of sub-groups and inside each sub-group I have a number of MSWindows physical servers. I need to create a report that will list all objects or servers residing inside these sub folders. I have created a report but the report doesn't drill inside the sub folder to give me the name of the servers! Would it be possible if someone can give a helping hand in getting this report generated please?

Thank you all in advance

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the quickest way I could think to do this is to just write an SWQL query that selects the information you would like from the ContainMembers table. Something like below should be a good starting point

SELECT ContainerID, MemberPrimaryID, MemberEntityType, Name, Status, MemberUri, MemberAncestorDisplayNames, MemberAncestorDetailsUrls, EntityDisplayName, EntityDisplayNamePlural, FullName, DetailsUrl
FROM Orion.ContainerMembers
WHERE ContainerID = "the ID of the containers you want to display"

Turn that into a report and build it based off that

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Product Manager

Hi Tim,

Could you provide more detail here with any screen shots of what you have done so far? Orion does not have a concept of folders so I am reading this as "Groups" You may also find custom properties useful when creating custom groups and reports.

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Hi Tony

Yes you are correct. It is a Group that contains a number of sub groups,

which in turn contains servers.

I have managed to create a customer report where by I enumerate the

contents of these sub-groups to get all the servers listed inside. I need

to get all the peak CPU memory and network bandwidth utilisation. This is

what I am working on atm

Will keep you updated.

On Wed, 16 Oct 2019 at 12:13, tony.johnson

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