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Help with Exchange 2010

Ok wow, I'm an old time SW user but have been gone awhile and things have changed a lot.  For one this whole Thwack community site is very confusing and hard to tell where/what section I'm in.  So hopefully I'm in the right spot.

I'm at a new company that doesn't have solarwinds and I'm trying to get it all setup to present and hopefully convert them.  I have the basics setup and some routers/switches/servers being monitored.  I don't really have any experience with SAM or the old APM though.

Current setup.

Server 2012

NPM, NTA, IPAM and SAM trials.

We are having exchange issues and I need to get our exchange server setup in SAM asap to hopefully find the issue.  Running exchange 2010 version 14.1 build 218.15.

I have tried many of the templates and either they fail and don't work or they show nothing.

1.  What template should I use to possibly help me find out what is going on?

2.  What do I need for the template to work?

Some findings so far might be pointing me to scrape the 2012 server and get setup on 2008.



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Here is a good link on the templates  and what some of them report on ..

You will need to check the perquisites for them some require exchange tools to be-installed and powershell but some just require WMI cred's.

Everyone's exchange environment is different  but for mine .

I for my mailbox servers I poll using WMI as I want to see mount points and databases. and better stats then from SNMP -

I use the following SAM templates and tweak them

Windows Server 2003-2012 Services And Counters.

Exchange 2007-2010 Mailbox Role Services and Counters (Basic).

Exchange 2007-2010 Common Performance Counters.

I am far a solarwinds expert myself but hope this helps you a little

Still looking for some help.  I have a few templates applied and everything is mostly green, but values just don't seem right.  IE I need to know how many messages we are sending daily or for any time frame.  I have looked at Messages submitted/sec and some of the others and it is only showing maybe 1 and 2 here.  We aren't a huge company, few hundred users, but I know we have more email going through our exchange server than that.

Do I need to move my solarwinds from our 2012 server over to a 2008 one so I can install exchange management tools?


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I believe the counter information being returned is valid/accurate for your environment size. The counter is returning 1-2 messages sent/received a second is roughly 60-120 messages a minute. The problem here is that this is a snapshot in time, queried once every five minutes. While it's great for knowing if you have a sudden surge/spike in email (possible SPAM, open relay, mass mailing virus, etc) it's not a good metric for determining the exact number of messages sent or received by the Exchange server for a specific time. For that level of information you would likely need to query the message tracking logs on the Hub Transport Server.

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