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HTTP Monitor

I am using the HTTP Monitor to check the status of the front end of several applications. On one application it is always reported as down saying:

"Access denied, authorization failed. HTTP 401. Authentication required. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."

The application itself requires credentials to access. However there is a page that should not require any authentication. I have tried monitoring the URL using an external node and I get another error, if not the same one. When I try to access the webpage from outside of the internal network it cannot find the page.

I have no idea why it cannot see the page.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The HTTP User Experience Monitor does not support JavaScript so there could be something going on with the page you're not seeing with a JavaScript capable browser. Try disabling JavaScript in your Web Browser and see how the site/page behaves. I'd also recommend you download our Synthetic End User Monitor which was specifically designed for monitoring web applications.

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It wasn't a problem for JavaScript. It was an authentication error. I didn't realize that the application automatically pulled credentials from my login when I accessed the page on a web browser. So once I used those as credentials it worked fine.

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