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Expected Downtime of an Application


I have an application being monitored on SolarWinds that sometimes goes down as expected so a backup can take place. Is there any way for me to stop alerts being generated for when it goes down? I've considered muting and unmanaging but I'd rather just filter it out of the alerts altogether because there are times when it is expected to go down and other times not. Is it possible to set an alert so that it will be generated when it unexpectedly goes down?

Many thanks.

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An alternative to excluding your maintenance times as described by Martian Monster, you could add the following rule to the alert (duplicate exiting one to edit it): "condition must exist for X minutes", so e.g. it only triggers an alert when your application is down for 10min:


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We have RDS servers and other servers that go reboot in the night so reboots I have the alert disabled.  If something else goes down it will send out an alert once the disabled time has passed.