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Editing Component Status/Error Descriptions

I am integrating Solarwinds with an external tool using data in JSON format.  I have a component monitor that uses the Component Status/Error description variable (N=SwisEntity;M=ComponentAlert.StatusOrErrorDescription) as one of its JSON values. 

Unfortunately, a few of the component messages contain string data that results in invalid JSON.  Recent examples include:

     A) message string contains a double quote - since I am using double quotes to encase the string in the JSON, this inner-string quote prematurely closes the JSON key-value pair.

            "Component_ErrorStatus": ""SQL Server Reporting Services (ISARS)" service status is - Running.",

     B) message string contains a carriage return, which is being interpreted as an invalid JSON end of line.

            "Component_ErrorStatus": "Invalid SSL certificate. Authentication failed! Closing the connection... Exception message: A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.

The message or signature supplied for verification has been altered",

Using SWQL Studio I am able to query component status (Orion.APM.CurrentComponentStatus) and see the 'ErrorMessage' property, but cannot seem to find the table containing the actual message strings.  How would I go about:

     A) locating the message strings in SWQL Studio and

     B) replace offending invalid characters with a JSON-safe alternative (aka replace double quotes with single quotes & remove carriage returns in favor of spaces)

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Opened a support ticket for this - response was a disheartening "can't be done."  So, we have removed this potentially helpful information from our alert.  😕

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