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Easiest Way to Generate SWQL Queries for Dashboards


I'm currently creating my own modern dashboard and was wondering what methods people use to find out which tables to use for certain queries.

For example I want to generate a query for Avg Disk Queue length but am not sure where the data is stored in the database. I haven't managed to find it via the graphical query builder either. Do people have certain methods they use to find the correct query or are you just hunting around?



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Have you installed SWQL studio anywhere?  Initially i would just hunt around in there, but a couple years ago they added a search to SWQL studio, so a few tries of "it's probably called something like this" would get me there.  




Looks like it would be orion.volumes if you are just interested in the right now numbers, or probably Orion.volumeperformancehistory if you are looking for historical data


- Marc Netterfield, Github