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Does SAM 2019.x support more than 13 APEs?

We want to add APEs in our environment having SAM 2019.x version. We are already using 13 APEs for polling data.

We have SAM ALX license but does SAM 2019.x support more than 13 APEs like other products(NPM,NCM etc. supports up to 100 APEs) ?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

SAM supports the same 100 Additional Pollers as any other Orion Product module. This is a function of the Orion Platform. Now each module has its own maximum number monitored 'things' it supports irrespective of the number of APEs used. The documentation references usually the maximum number of fully loaded (maxed out) polling engines, but this same workload can be distributed across a larger number of polling engines. 

If your ask is to support monitoring more 'things' per-instance, that's a much different request than asking to support a greater number of Additional Pollers by that same instance. Another possible ask is increased scale for each Polling server, which just recently doubled to 40k in the 2020.2 release of SAM.