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Dashboard in AppInsight for Active Directory


We have applied appinsight for AD template on few servers to fetch data.

I got a requirement to create a Dashboard in SAM for Active Directory. Below are the requirements, Just wanted to confirm if it is possible or not? If yes? then could you please help on this.

New Dashboard (Need to show below requirement in for of chart or table)

AD Activities for monitoring administration

1. AD Login Failed on servers

2. Number of Locked accounts

3. Users logged in to server (historical & active ones)

4. Users logged in using Service accounts

5. Add/Removing user from group


6. Reset Accound Password


Please help.


Pushkar Dubey

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I am actually trying to figure this out myself right now and found this link - it might help - Is there a way to add "All Application Monitors" or "All Component Monitors" to dashboard?

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