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DNS requestor

Is there anyway that Solarwinds can monitor who requests DNS?  I know that I read an article on obtaining the DNS statistics on the requestors, but I am curious if IPAM or something in SAM can be configured to show this data?

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My immediate thought would be that there is no good way to do this, but it would be worth clarifying what you actually want to monitor. Are you looking to monitor "who" for requests to specific domain names; are you looking to just gather a list of client users/devices that are making DNS queries in your environment?

For now, I'll assume that you're using Windows Server for DNS. The plain-text logs from this service are not particularly easy to parse, but if you do turn them on, it is certainly possible to monitor them with a PowerShell script or LEM, if you have it. But still, if you're just using SAM...periodically loading this potentially very large log file is not going to be efficient or cost effective.

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