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Custom Weekly Report

I am attempting to build a custom weekly report to include the items listed below. I didn't see anything I could really use "out of the box" and wondering if anyone else has built something similar. This is my first stab at building a custom report so any guidance or tips offered on the best approach would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I would like the weekly report to include the following for specific nodes in our environment:


OS Version

Node Availability %

CPU Usage %

Memory Usage %

Disk Space %

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Just watched it, thanks!

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Couple different options to achieve this type of reporting, the first would be the Orion report creator, the canned reports for me personally our just templates, you should use the canned reports as a starting point to build something awesome.

The second one is the report writer, the report writer is probably little bit better just because you can view the SQL and the historical reports are quite good


i would suggest to use custom properties that to group devices such as n_type (node type) = server

there are a couple other ways but these two are probably the best without touching SQL database.

if you get stuck feel free to post back

Thanks man! I've been playing around with this. Do you know if there is a good way of combining two or more of these canned reports together into one?

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It would be awesome if SolarWinds could provide a simple server summary report based on a date range for CPU, disk, Memory.

Why is there not one? Couldn't nearly every customer use this? Is it because the data cannot be pulled easily?

Seems like a no brainer to me that we should have such a report.

ye, your right there, everyone loves a report   i have attached a report i use to send out weekly/ monthly,should give you some ground work on grouping etc.. 

CPU and memory is easy.

+ Disk is the challenge it appears, as there is no canned report that encompasses all kinds of disks in common servers - Mount Points, Cluster, Fixed etc.

I have this kind of report with PowerShell. Need it native in SolarWinds.

Hehe, you have me intreged..basically volume is what you would like? As a canned report?

Trend report for a group of servers with date selection criteria. Its never been done.

Views are too messy with multiple disk objects (see PerfStack blog for this assertion confirmed by SW), PerfStack isn't a viable option for automated reports.

The Top 10 Views is almost a viable option, but without date selection it is not.

I get asked all the time for trend reports for groups of servers based on date ranges. Not sure why this is not possible.

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Me too.