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Custom Alert for User logoff

Just getting started with custom alerts.  We have some accounts that are needed to run jobs.  Occasionally the account is logged off and it wreaks havoc with the overnite jobs. 

Ideally we'd like to get alerts when these accounts log off or are not present in the system.

Thanks for any and all help....

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I would personally create such a monitor with a powershell script by putting the logged on user into a variable with:

$loggedInUser = get-wmi -class win32_computersystem | select-object UserName

Then compare it with the chosen initials which you could also put into a variable so you can reuse the template.

The stats have to always be integers so output a 1 for found and a 0 for not found then set an alert to be raised if the statistic is equal to zero on 1 poll.

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Thanks, that might work.

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Hard to help without knowing some background. OS and version? It would be cool if you could have the alert send an email and fix your issue at the same time. Wonder if you could have the trigger action log the account back on or restart the service responsible.

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the OS is 2008R2, and based upon your reply, I've got a lot to learn

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We all do it's what makes this fun. These videos have been really helpful for me getting started. SolarWinds Lab Archive
This video really helped solidify monitoring as well: MONITORING 101

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