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Create Custom Components

I would like to create custom components in Solarwinds but can't find any information on how I would do that. It seems that everyone says to use templates but that needlessly complicates my environment if I understand the concept of how templates and components work together.


I want to write a script that accepts 2 parameters and provides an output. This could be made into a component that could then be put into hundreds of templates that leverage this standard script (like a file age monitor with additional functionality). 

The underlying script stays the same but the parameters sent to it will always be different based on the application. Wouldn't this be a simple component that I could add to existing application templates rather than having to create a whole new template every time?

I'm struggling to understand why I'm missing what must clearly be a basic premise of the tool.

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Can this be a way forward:


Create your component in a test-template or whatever you call it.

Then with this view (sam settings / manage component monitors within templates) you can copy a component to another template or application.



I have seen that before but it doesn't seem like a solution to me because you are copying the template as a whole. If I decide to change the script in the future that would mean I would need to change it in every location where it was copied to correct? If it was a component I would simply change it once and all of the templates that use it would work.

I'm a bit shocked this isn't a core concept of Solarwinds. I feel like I HAVE to be missing something, there is no way they would leave such a massive concept out of the product is there?

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