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Covering a gap in SAM.

As you probably all come across yourselves, Im trying to cover a gap in the monitoring in which that when i server hangs it still responds to ICMP requests meaning it doesnt always flag an alert on monitoring.

I have seen whenever there is an application template applied to a particular device the application will alert as being "Unknown".

This will work for me as i can write an application template to monitor a service or a process to acheive the same result. What i need to know is there a suitable windows service or process that will always be running but should the server hang could flag up this application alert for our team to respond to and perform its 1st line troubleshooting.

Thanks all


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Level 11

There are a number of ways to cover this.

1.) Find a common Windows service that is running on every server in your environment - perhaps Server or Remote Procedure Call.

2.) Use the Performance Counter and monitor something ubiquitous like CPU usage.

3.) Switch to agent and use agent communication instead of ICMP for up time.

4.) Change your existing alert to include "unknown" status as a trigger condition.

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