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Corruption in APM_ApplicationTemplate table.

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After our last upgrade we are seeing corruption on the SQL table APM_ApplicationTemplate.

DBCC CHECKTABLE (Orion.dbo.APM_ApplicationTemplate) found 173 errors and repaired 0 errors. Elapsed time: 0 hours 0 minutes 14 seconds.  Internal database snapshot has split point LSN = 02832433:0002c030:000e and first LSN = 02832429:0000cc87:0002.

We can't run a repair without putting the database into single user mode which means taking an outage.

Since this issue appeared after our latest upgrade what is the consequence for restoring the table from before the upgrade? We can restore the table from before the last upgrade which will give us all the templates that we had before except for the ones that were added with the last SAM version. This in itself is not a problem as we can backup all of the new templates and re-import and re-apply them. The one main issue I see is the AppInsight for Active Directory that was introduced in the last upgrade.

We are not able to backup the AppInsight for Active Directory though the GUI. What is the best way to restore the table and then get this feature added back in?

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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FYI, an article about this issue was added to the Success Center​, Resolve inconsistencies in SAM SQL tables related to a known Microsoft issue that causes DBCC CHECKTABLE errors.

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