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Configuring APM

I am configuring Orion APM and wondered what (if there's a document somewhere with some info that would help) the best practices are for some basic alerting.

There is a lab environment that I need to monitor and it's accessibility needs to be monitored so Node status is obviously one I want to alert on.

What are some good alerts to start off with besides Node uptime/status just to get some basic groundwork to build on.


I'm new to this application and I realize that this can get pretty detailed. I have just started delving into custom properties for Disk space alerts and am quickly realizing how much there is to this.


Any tips for a newbie?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shannon--

All documentation is on the Support page.  Also, there was a discussion the other day about basic alerts vs. advanced alerts.  You might be interested in taking a look at that here.

Hope this helps.

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