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Clustered services

Hi folks, how are you monitoring your clustered environment?  Specifically Windows 2003/2008 with MS Clustering or using a NLB.  I have APM's applied to servers in a cluster but of course, the passive node shows down because the active node has the services.  Any tips or suggestions?


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We have just recently ran into this problem as well and we also implemented the solution that has suggested and it seems to work very well.

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Thank you for the tips!

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This is what I do for SQL clusters so it may apply for you.  I have SQL clusters that consist of two physical nodes, and numerous virtual instances.  On the physical nodes I monitor the things that are hard tied to the physical boxes (CPU, MEM, C & D Drive, Event log entries).  On the virtual instances I monitor the things that can move with a cluster failover (services, mount points, performance queries).  Since in the event of a failover the virtual IP never goes down all the services remain tied to that box.

I'm doing this on 10 different clusters and it seems to work very effectively.  Like I said I know this is SQL but the principals should be the same.

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I have these failover clusters in my environment.  I.E. {Member1, Member2, VIP} I am monitoring Member1 and Member2 with Agents (not WMI or SNMP).  By what method should I be monitoring the VIP?

Thanks so much!  Everyone says "Add the VIP" but nobody tells you what to pick for polling method!  I am using agents and unable to get VIP to work.  Looks like I need to open up ports other than the agent ports (i.e. WMI or other non-agent choice).

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WMI would be preferred

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but is it required?  WMI is not an option at this point in this environment.  CAN it be done with Agent?

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Negative. If you want to monitor cluster shared resources without having them appear 'down' or 'unknown' when the server is in a passive state, then you would want to monitor those via WMI or SNMP (in that order of preference). If you're just wanting to ensure the VIP is up and accessible, then simply adding it as an ICMP only node should suffice.



So, you are referring to add VIP's with the help of WMI or SNMP..? Am I right..?


We are facing the same issue & I'm in need to monitor the shared volumes using Cluster VIP's. But unable to deploy agent as said so. Kindly Suggest.




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thank you.

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Agents are tied to the individual server where they live, so you can't really monitor the VIP via an agent.  You could probably cook up some kind of powershell script or something to check for the member being the active host or however you would need to do for your cluster.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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's approach is same as SolarWinds official recommendation. In addition to monitoring as outlined above SAM includes templates for Monitoring Windows Network Load Balancing and Windows Failover Clusters so you can be alerted to failovers etc.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Failover Cluster

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