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Check status of windows service(same name) on multiple nodes, If less than X show stopped, have application show as UP, if more than X down the app shows Down.

I apologize if there is already an answer to this on here. I have looked through the shared templates and searched throughout without finding any insight.

We have multiple platforms that are redundant and if one service goes down, the application itself isn't considered down.
I am looking for a way to use either the built in service monitor or powershell to check multiple nodes for the status of a single service.

For example,

If, 2 out of 6 nodes show the service stopped, then the application shows OK, but if more than 4 show stopped then the application shows Down.

The numbers dont really matter as they differ from platform to platform. 

I am asking because we are trying to fix the reporting we do off Solarwinds. Currently anytime one of those services show down, the application shows down for that time even though it is still operating as normal.
We can make adjustments each month on the reports itself, but I am looking for a way to fix it in the monitoring itself.

If I am going about it the wrong way, please let me know.

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Try this script

#$name is the display name of the service

#$minValue is the lowest number of running services accepted for the app

#$servers will point to a list of server names one server to a line

Check Multiple Nodes for a Running Service, Then Show up or Down based on the number of Servers Runn...