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Best way to monitor many different KPIs


said in advance, I am not that experienced with orion / sam / solarwinds but I try my best to adapt and learn everything 😄

So, I need to monitor a (more or less) dynamic list with KPIs.


Value1: 0
Value2: 0
Value100: 1

I want to monitor them all.

So I am not able to do this as a application template, because this method is limited to 10 entries.

Those KPIs are Counts and I want to get alerts when those counts are going crazy (more than X)

At some point, this list could add and remove entries.

Since it might be important, this list of KPIs is provided by an c# program I wrote, so I can provide any output format I need.

As I said, I already tried to do this as an powershell component call, but this is limited to 10 entries.

Any suggestions?

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@darkboft Is the data available by REST API by any chance?

If so you can use new API Poller feature, you can monitor more than 10 values there.

hi @jan.rachwalik 

this looks like a great new feature, good our admins did update our instance this week.
 Indeed, I try to monitor values from a API so I might be able to do so with this new API Poller feature.
 But I'm not quite sure of the solution yet. As I try to understand it by myself and also with the documentation (  I miss the option to monitor all values of the array. 
I've get a root-element with 340 Items (this is a dynamic result, there can be more, there can be less results) So all I want is to monitor one key-value-pair or just one value of each result within the root array.

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@darkboft Thanks for the info. API Poller can monitor count of item in an array and also monitor value with given index. However API Poller doesn't have option to monitor all item in an array yet. What API are you trying to monitor?

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 hi @jan.rachwalik 

I am trying to monitor my rabbitMQ cluster. Being more specific, I try to monitor the deadlettering queues. When my processes are failing, the messages will be collected tue the deadletter exchange from rabbitMQ.

I am already searched for some templates on this platform for this , but I did not find any suitable solutions to monitor specific rabbitMQ (or AMQP) scenarios like "count messages in queues" on a remote server.

But as I said, I already wrote a API wrapper in C# to do the job. And already implemented paging for the result set, so I can add multiple Application Monitors. But to be honest, this is not a very good solution because now I've got to add (400 / 10) 40+ Application Monitors and I already take a look into the solarwinds orion SDK

This is all new for me and maybe you know a more suitable solution for me? 🙂 

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@darkboft Thanks for the details.

I'm sure you know it, but in API Poller you could monitor URL like: http://rabbitMQhost:15672/api/queues

The endpoint provides many statistics that should be helpful. Here is API documentation that could help:

There is also Thwack thread with RabbitMQ template:

Check if it will help with your usecase.

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hi @jan.rachwalik 

thanks for your help, but I already take a look into all those things you mentioned.

First, yes, this API endpoint I already know but I cannot monitor the dynamic result-set because, index 0 could be another index on next poll, because all those queues are dynamic and being created and deleted from time to time. 

And the given template is not usable for my case, I already put my hopes in this. rabbitmqctl is a mighty tool and as much I love and like it, I cannot use this tool to monitor queues from the solarwinds host.

Beside all that facts, my wrapper already works and did manage to do the job properly 🙂

Thanks for your help

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