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Level 8

Application monitoring

I have an application that needs to be monitored. I want  the solarwinds to be able to check the health of the application and send an alert only when a value is outside its normal tolerances.

How do I do that ?

Can someone please help on this.

Thank you

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Level 8

Is there any document that could walk me through these

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Level 8

As I am new to SAM I would like to get more information on SAM so that I could get started.

I have an application with multiple nodes/servers. I need to monitor the processes for all the nodes/servers of my application using SAM.

For example: web server I need to monitor process like IIS. check whether process is healthy or not.

How do I do that? Could you guide on this

Thanks in avance

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I was in the same boat a few weeks ago. Just got SAM but, I'm a long time NPM user.  I would highly recommend signing up and taking the free live webinar classes for the different SolarWinds products through the customer portal.  Here's a link to the SAM related ones: Virtual Classrooms | SolarWinds Customer Portal

During one of the live Demos of the SAM, attendees were able to ask the instructors direct questions at the end. If I'm not mistaken, we went through this exact setup. There may be a recording of a similar one floating around.

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Level 8

If there are any videos can you please send the links so that I can get started in understanding how SAM works. 

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Level 8

What is an application template. where do I get this template from. How do I set up the components in the application template.

As I am new to this SAM, Can someone please guide and  help me on this.

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Level 17

joseph reddy​; you setup components in the Application Template. Each component is used to monitor a separate service/process/metric and within those components there are threshold settings for Critical and Warning statuses - use those thresholds for your Normal working range and then use an alert to inform you when one of the components goes into warning and critical (customize with your app name to filter out other app templates assigned).

Let us know if you need help with specific component monitoring;


Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

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Level 10

Is this a custom application, or a common application?

There are a large number of application templates that come with SAM which will poll a number of components OOTB.

For custom applications: Video Resources – SolarWinds

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