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Application Monitor question.

I have only  been working with SolarWinds for a short while, I am really from the Mainframe world but I have found myself in this position and I am trying to do well.  Being able to do well is being able to know when you need to ask for help.

I have an application monitor where when I test it against the appropriate credentials it test fine but when I poll it I receive an "Access denied, authorization failed. HResult: Unable to access the desired computer or service."  I went to the server to make sure the services were running.  Where have I dropped the ball.

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Do you have multiple pollers?  The way I read your post, you can test the Template and it tests fine.  However, when you actually apply it it fails.

1.  When you assign the poller are you assigning it with the same credentials you tested or "inherit from node"?

2.  I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure Orion tests from your Primary Poller but polls from the assigned poller.  Therefore, if you have multiple pollers, try assigning the node to your primary and see if it is an access issue for the additional poller.

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This problem has been corrected but I do have a question for you.  As I said earlier I am from the Mainframe world.  Can you expound on dealing with the "pollers" so I can gather more usable information in understanding Solarwinds?  I would greatly appreciate any information you could afford me.

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Curious as to how you fixed it.

Based on the error message you provided it looks like you may be using valid Windows Credentials but not a user account that has adequate permissions. E.G. the user is not a local or domain Administrator account. Is that the case?

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Level 11

Check the WMI service is running and WMI is permitted in the firewall of the server you're attempting to connect to.

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I assume you're using SAM? If so, what application monitor specifically? Can you post a screenshot of the error?

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