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Application Dependency Polling not Working on Clustered Database

I'd like to get the Application Dependency Polling working in my environment. It works fine on the few things I have that have non-clustered SQL servers.

However, the majority of my applications (the ones I care most about) use various SQL clusters on the back end.

If that's the case application dependency polling does not seem to work.

I have the agent installed on both nodes in the cluster, but when I try to turn the feature on it doesn't show any dependencies.

I need it monitoring through the cluster name, and not the node name as the active node changes periodically.

Has anyone got this working using a SQL cluster back end?

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Level 7

I have the same issue and actually have an active case open with Solarwinds support. "Case # - 00446121 ADM connection not displaying" I will update this thread when we get to a resolution.

I have somewhat the same issue. Two SQL servers with 4 unique instances. All 6 are monitored with Orion but I can only install the agent on the actual SQL servers.

This doesn't provide any application connections however because the connections are being made to the instances and not the SQL server.

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