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Level 8

Appinsight for AD

We just upgraded to the latest version of SAM 2020.2 and AppInsight for AD has changed a little.  I'm trying to change some of the metrics that it is testing for but nothing will hold.  Also trying to disable the Trusts test as we don't have any and it won't let me.  I have tried on the template as well as on an individual server.

Is this normal or is there something wrong ?   Shouldn't I be able to modify the tests with the monitor ?



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Level 16

You should be able to disable the trust test.



Yea after going through the documentation I should be able to but can't.   I have a case open.



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This is a known issue: 

Please let us know if support has anything else to say. We do not have any established Trusts which seems to be the cause why Appinsight is flagging the Component as down.