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AppStack not displaying any related objects


I have open case in SolarWinds support but thought that maybe someone here had similar problem.

After upgrade to SAM 6.7 we are having issues with AppStack. When we view any entity (it does not matter if it's node/application/host/storage) AppStack shows only given entity and it does not display anything else.

Here is a screenshot that describes what I'm talking about in case of Node details (there are no volumes/storage/applications in AppStack but we are monitoring them).


In AppStack Environment if we deselect Spotlight we can see all entities but if we want to highlight something then it's not retrieving any related objects.

Is there anyway to force a refresh for AppStack? I tried to run Configuration Wizard with all options selected but it did not help.

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We had this repeatedly on the MPE website, but rarely if ever on AWSs

Apparently from talking with SW in a ticket at the time, SWIS v3 needed to come up last, or was being interrupted on start by something else so was advised to restarted SWIS v3 on the effected server (in our case MPE). Sometimes that would resolve it on 1st, 2nd, 3rd restart, sometimes Module Engine would also stop after stopping SWIS v3 so I would try combos, restart that also, sometimes i would try stopping swis v3, stopping module engine, restarting module engine, restarting swis v3.

Never quite got the bottom of it or cracked the mythical pattern for what would work first time every time. Thankfully once it is up it stays up and was only seen/noticed after a restart, appstack would never fail once up correctly for us. Installed 12.5 last week and hotfixes so I'm hoping it is a thing of the past now as just unneeded hassle.

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Any chance we can get a verified answer from Solarwinds?  I have the same issue.

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I was provided workaround by SW support. It has to be done on main polling engine and all apes.

* restart SolarWinds Cortex service and wait some time
* restart SolarWinds Information Service v3

But they also told me that it was fixed in SAM 6.7.1, I can confirm it as since the upgrade I have not saw this issue ever again.

If you will ever want to talk about this with SW support you can use Case # - 00197530 ticket number for reference.

Thank you for your response, this is great information and I will followup with support using this info.  I am also at SAM 6.7.1 for the last couple months and this just started about a week or so ago so I don't that version actually fixed it.  Our SQL DB server is a little bit undersized and they have been blaming that without any real proof or workaround only to say we can't really do anything to help until we meet the large environment specs.  I hope to have that resolved on Monday and get back into the appstack issue.

My current versions ... Orion Platform 2018.4 HF2, SAM 6.7.1, SRM 6.7.1, NCM 7.9, NPM 12.4, IPAM 4.8.1, NTA 4.5.0, VMAN 8.3.1, VNQM 4.5.1, NetPath 1.1.4

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Adding this because I found this thread while reviewing something similar:

We had a situation where from the Node Details page we could see everything, but for some reason there were no applications listed.

If you clicked on the Applications tab you could see the assigned templates.

For us it was the .NET cache:

Clear .Net cache manually - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

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Level 9

A reboot of the server fixed the issue for me.


I had that as well in my test environment. Don't know exactly what fixed this but I know at one stage I stopped & restarted all services, ran a repair job for the database and I think my license was actually expired for SAM.

(Might sound silly but please also check the node/server that you are not just polling via ICMP)

Best regards,



Thanks for tips. But I tried to run Configuration Wizard without any results. We have valid licenses for next two years so it's not that.

This happened to all our objects (storage/virtualization/network nodes/server nodes/ applications/ etc.) so unfortunately it's not ICMP ( I wish this was so silly/simple).



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Hi Jakub,

I replicated the empty Appstack and then fixed it.

First I went to the "Licence Manager", selected SAM and clicked on "Deactivate". I copied the license key which is very important and confirmed that I want to remove the SAM licence from my Installation. Boom done and as expected I could not monitor any components anymore and Appstack showed no relationships either.

Then I selected SAM and clicked on "Update" to re-apply my license key. That worked fine... except it still did not show me the info I wanted. Maybe it just needed some time or a simple click on the button "Synchronise" but here is what I did to fix it.

I restarted my Orion Server. Somehow my IIS did not want to come up though, maybe it was too early in the morning, so I started it manually in order to use my Orion website again. Success! I checked one of my servers and heureka it showed what applications are running on it in the the Appstack.

That's just my experience. You should of course wait for advice from SolarWinds Tech Support on what to do.

Good luck & best regards,


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