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AppStack is free or not?

Hi Guys,

Somewhere i found that appstack is not free for SAM. Can i have clarity on that?

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Appstack is built into SAM at no extra cost.  It however does not popu the entire stack with just SAM.  Other products such as DPA and SRM fill in the gaps.

Agree. You can think of it as a tool inside of SAM. It is built in, but like mprobus stated, you will need other tools in order to unlock its full potential. For example, I monitor our Exchange environment pretty closely with Appstack. This is how some of the products we run fit together for that "single pane of glass".

SAM - monitors the databases and services

NPM - monitors the health of the servers and the network

SRM - monitors our SAN (latencys, IO trending, etc.) to detect issues

VMAN - deep down virtual host and machine monitoring

DPA - I shift it around to certain databases that have issues. I don't really use it all the time.

When you look at Appstack is shows the status of all these on one page so that you can tell where an issue is coming from very quickly. If you do not have these products then you won't see the status of them, but you will still have appstack usage if you have SAM.