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AppInsight for SQL on Orion Poller

I enabled the AppInsight for SQL template on my main Orion Poller a couple of weeks back.  Ever since, it has been reporting that there are a few issues.  I upgraded to SAM 6.3 last night and the errors are still there.  Trying to determine how important they are, whether I should address them, or whether the thresholds should be changed.


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Same question here, I went to change them with calculated values from the past day (when I enabled it) and I was looking at values hundreds of times larger than the defaults.

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I ended up opening a support ticket and their answer was to adjust the numbers to our environment.  Per support, the default numbers aren't really relevant to an actual production load.

That's what I'd been doing, probably will adjust them again after a week or two to see if what I put is actually accurate. Thanks for posting the recommendation from support!

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