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AppInsight for SQL errors

I'm having some performance issues with AppInsight. I'm seeing a lot of these errors:

  • No valid data was received. Previous monitor(s) used whole application job time. No time to run this one.
  • Connection timeout. Job canceled by scheduler.
  • Job canceled by scheduler.

From this it is clear that something is to slow to respond, but I cannot figure out what. I've increased the polling interval from the default 5 minutes to 15 minutes, but it made no deference. I applied the rights as indicated here:

SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: AppInsight for SQL Requirements and Permissions


Any ideas, suggestions?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

What version of SQL are you monitoring with AppInsight? Can you try increasing the timeout value from 1200 to 2400?

If that doesn't resolve the issue, does the error message change? Also, please try again using the "sa" credentials to eliminate any potential permissions issues. If it still doesn't work using the "sa" account then we'll need need you to open a case with support so  we can look through your diagnostics to determine what's going on.

i changed my timeout from 120 seconds to 240 and the error cleared up.

Where did you reset that timeout?

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Found it.  It's under node details / edit node.  Changed 120 to 240.

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Edit the assigned application. At the top of the application editor you will find configurable polling and timeout values.

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