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AppInsight for SQL:Solarwinds SAM Test Connection Failed

Hi All SAM Experts,

i am newbie to Solarwinds.I am currently configuring AppInsight for SQL for two of my DB Servers in cluster. Both the servers are monitored properly in Orion using WMI. As per the

documentation we did create a SQL Account with respective permissions. However, whenever i do a test says Test Failed. Does this SQL Account need to be mixed mode?

Am i missing any settings on SQL Server ? Where to check this logs on Solarwinds ?

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I'm having the same problem as the original post... I'm trying to add AppInsight for SQL to several instances in a clustered environment, but the test connection continues to fail. The AD user was configured using the script found at SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: AppInsight for SQL Requirements and Permissions. And I can verify that the user can log into that instance via SQL Management Studio on the Orion application server. Any other ideas?

EDIT: Scratch that... I may have figured it out myself. When I was trying to add the AppInsight monitor, I would use the instance VIP, add the node as a WMI node, and the node would always show up as the server that the instance was currently on. I assumed that was normal and carried on, but the AppInsight monitor would never connect to the SQL instance. Now, I've removed AppInsight from all of the individual server nodes and created a new node using the "External Node" polling method. I was then able to add the AppInsight monitor that new node, and it was able to connect to SQL! It's still in the "initial polling" phase, but I'm hopeful!

EDIT 2: So, that ALMOST worked! I did have to go back and change the polling method to "Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP" to get the polling to work. After changing the polling method, I verified that the ONLY template applied to the node was AppInsight for SQL for that specific SQL instance. Now I'm seeing all of the details about that instance under that node.

Also, for the record, I went through this process on an instance I could play with, so I put the instance through a couple of failovers. It looks like Solarwinds had no trouble following the instance, no matter what cluster node it fell on.

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One important thing about AppInsight for SQL and clusters: AppInsight for SQL application should be assigned to orion node created on virtual cluster IP - i.e. not directly to nodes representing individual cluster members. See online help for more info.

Mixed mode is not required - windows authentication should definitely work.

Can you verify that you are able to connect from SQL management studio (ideally from orion machine, logged in with same credentials that are used for monitoring)?

Hi Petr,

Thanks for your reply. i am using sql authentication for this one.So you mean ...the Cluster itself has to be managed from Solarwinds SAM ?

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Yes. It will most likely get name from currently active member machine but you can change it on the last step of add node wizard (to avoid confusion from having two nodes with the same name in orion).

Hi Petr,

Correct. thanks for your information.But curious if the SQL gets fail-over to another node , will the monitoring get affected ?

Also, we are using SQL 2014. & when i try to add  it says Unable to connect to server "XXXXXXX" as user "XXXXXX" for SQL 2012 Analysis Services application monitor.Untitled.png

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As far as you are monitoring SQL via its cluster virtual IP, it should always follow redirect to active cluster member and continue monitoring even after fail-over to another machine (in case it was successful).

With "SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services" application template we are leaving topic of "AppInsight for SQL" application... However the message from your screenshot seems to be related to permissions - it is not possible to establish WMI connection (used by windows service monitor component in this template), neither RPC connection (used by all remaining performance counter components in this template) to target machine with provided credentials... Besides these issues with credentials keep in mind that according to the name, this template was designed to work with older version of SQL and may need some adjustments for 2014.

I am trying to add SQL via cluster IP only.I have given the permissions for this same account which are mentioned in Solarwinds SAM Guide. But still i am getting the

same error.

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Can you confirm that it is possible to make SQL connection using some other tool (e.g. SQL management studio) from orion machine using same credentials as I mentioned before? If so, and it still does not work from SAM then I recommend to open support ticket so we are able to trace this issue down.

Log from test of credentials should be in this file, but I am afraid that it might not contain details you are looking for:


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