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AppInsight for Exchange displaying user mailboxes on wrong DB

We noticed recently that the AppInsight for Exchange monitor is displaying Users Mailboxes that aren't on the DB we are looking. For example, we are looking at serverA which has Mail DB DB05 active on it. You look at that DB and you see a list of users. You hover over the users and it also shows they are on DB05, but when you look the user up against Exchange in PowerShell, the users mailboxes are actually residing on DB07. DB07 is also mounted on ServerA. Has anyone else noticed this? I checked one of the other 4 Exchange servers in our environment, and that one appears to be displaying correctly.

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Hello Friends,

After upgrading to v2020 I am also facing same issue with the Mailbox quota report, its pulling wrong information user are residing in Mailbox A but in report is showing its residing in Mailbox B..

Any solution for it. 

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Any chance your Exchange Servers or the AppInsight for Exchange application is in an unmanaged state and not getting the most recent information? 

Which version of Orion SAM?

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All 4 servers are being managed. We are running SAM HF1: 2020.2

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