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AppInsight for Exchange - I/O Read & Write Counter Issues

Hi Folks,

Been a while...

This kind of relates to what is in the link below, but unless this one was resolved through a ticket to the SAM team it doesn't look to have been fixed?

AppInsight for Exchange - I/O Log Writes Average Latency Thresholds

The issue we are seeing is that we are getting alerted for either "I/O Log Writes Average Latency" or "I/O Database Reads Average Latency" despite Solarwinds admitting that the server is not actually ever hitting the thresholds that are configured.

As an example:

Our  "I/O Log Writes Average Latency" check is configured for 10ms latency warning/critical over 15 consecutive polls. We frequently receive alerts for this check but upon looking at the statistics for the server I see that it hasnt ever got anywhere near that value for a single poll. See below screenshots for evidence of this:





Can anyone shed any light on this? I am looking at setting up perfmon on the target servers to check this over and confirm Solarwinds' stats.

Thanks in advance


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Level 9

Hi All

Has anyone had a chance to review this? Anyone else seeing similar behaviour?



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