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Level 9

All component events on Application Details page

Is there a way to add a resource to the application details page that shows all component events? I would like to see what component failed relating to a red block in the "application availability" graph on this page.

I have tried adding the "Last 25 component events" resource to the page but this has to be customised to show the last events for each specific component - this is quite cumbersome when I have a number of pages to edit.

Thanks in advance

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Level 11

The description of "Last 25 Component Events" says " or more components" but it only can display events for one component at a time. Is this a bug?

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Yes, though the bug is the help text which states "or more". This Resource will only display event information for a single component, either user defined when added to the Application Details view, or dynamically when placed on the Component Details view. I have logged this as a bug internally under SAM-3353.

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Thank you. I think it makes sense to have this resource show all component events that related to the respective application monitor. Sometimes its difficult to see in the past tense which component has caused the application monitor status to change from a visual perspective.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This can be done by adding a Custom Table Resource to your Summary View and filtering on SAM Monitor events.

Custom Table Filter.png

Custom Table.png

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Thanks Alter, this is exactly what i need!

Just trying to put this in place but can't see the option to get to the "data source picker" you have screen shotted above, i just get the below screen when editing the resource:


Also - when i have added this to the generic application page, will this need to be customised by every user, on every separate application page?



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You need to click the "Add column" button in the screenshot you posted above.

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Hi aLTeReGo

I had tried this but don't get the same view as you, i see this:


I can't see any options to add events or the columns which you have selected above.

I recently upgraded so believe i am on the latest version, not sure if this makes a difference?

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When the Custom Table Resource was added to the view you were asked "I want to report on?". From that drop down you need to select "Event". It appears you selected the default "Node".


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