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Alerts: responsible team needs to = Orion.NodesCustomProperties.department

Using the SWQL, for traversal to get the names, 

I am trying to always make Orion.AlertConfigurationsCustomProperties.ResponsibleTeam = Orion.NodesCustomProperties.Department.


In my specific case we call that  property Business_System, but its a Node Custom Property.


The reason for this is the way that the built in alert view works for our Watch/NOC/Call Center, whatever phrase that pays.  When I make views for them to see the business_system they are read only.  The write view for  lack of a better term is under alerts, and they have have responsible team. I know I can create another custom property. 


Bottom line we built our alerts to trigger of node names to tell the noc who is responsible by department. We don't have a network, DB, specific application team, it is a bit more convoluted then that.  I cannot imagine we are the only ones with this conundrum.


SQL or SWQL answers are fine.


Thank you

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This seems a bit backward to me but that may depend on how you structure your alerts. Alert custom properties are assigned to the definition of the alert, not a triggered alert instance on an object (entity).

So think of it this way, if the responsible team property of XYZ alert definition is ‘Network Team’ then in theory if the trigger conditions and everything match that you’re limiting the scope of that alert to just the ‘Network Team’ entities. Could very well be that this works for you and your organization... but...

My 2 cents is the responsible team custom property belongs at the entity itself (a node, application monitor, transaction etc.), that way the alert could serve multiple teams and another possible property could serve as an emailto and/or cc or bcc list for the email list in the action if needed.

Good luck -
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